Thursday, September 6, 2012

Last September, I enjoyed hatewatching the Red Sox. As a fan, you get to the point where you're being so let down by your team that you want them to suffer as much as you are. About the only punishment you can call down on the players' heads is defeat, which the Red Sox supplied in spades in Sept., 2011. I want to do the same now, but it's much more difficult. The most egregious of the team's assholes are either banished by trade or missing the year due to injury. Unfortunately, some of the very best guys have also been hurt and some of the most likable are just having tough years. I can still muster up a good hatewatch now and then thanks to the unbelievably piss-poor pitching, but it just doesn't provide the catharsis I would get last year when our overpriced nine would laze through loss after loss. Being a Red Sox fan is not knowing where to put your hate.